How do you know when it’s time to replace?

Awnings typically only have a lifespan of anywhere from 5-8 years, depending on brand of material, use, location, maintenance and warranty of your awning. If it’s in a location that takes a beating from wind and weather, it’s likely to not last nearly as long. Especially if you’re living on the coast where hurricanes and noreaster’s occur often.









Obviously, anything made of fabric, even heavy-duty fabric, is prone to rips and tears. One large rip or tear will damage it beyond repair and you’ll need to replace. The same goes for any frame damage – once that is gone, the entire awning won’t stand much chance. Occasionally, it can be fixed with a call to your installer. They may be able to salvage the frame for you.

A little maintenance goes a long way

If landscaping is nearby, that can potentially be a factor as well because branches can easily damage and tear an awning. Keep landscaping trimmed and prune any branches that may damage the awning.Awnings require very little maintenance. But a little will go a long way. Try to be mindful of bad weather coming and be sure awnings are secured. Check all mounts and screws to ensure they’re tight. If in doubt, lower or take them down, if at all possible.

Over time, awnings may fade, get dirty or moldy, so be sure to keep them cleaned. Wipe away any dirt, and use mild dish soap, such as Dawn to clean. Fading is often inevitable, but if it’s been more than 5-8 years, it’s time to replace anyway. New fabrics these days are fade-resistant, but that doesn’t necessarily mean fade-proof. Sometimes the resistance breaks down over time, which causes fading.

Call your installer if the awning becomes loose and be sure all screws and hardware are tight and secure, especially before a big storm. If you happen to notice the ends are frayed, it’s definitely time to replace. This is a sure sign your awning has seen better days and is in need of a replacement.

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The best piece of advice is to always remember that a little care and maintenance will go a long way. Think of your awning like you care for your yard. A little love and attention keeps it looking great! You invested a lot of money into your home and yard, so why not take care of it? Same goes for your awnings and shade structures.


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