Spring has officially sprung! People love eating outside on a patio this time of year. For restaurant owners, you can give customers what they want while increasing your restaurant’s revenue and adding to your seating capacity. A patio seating enclosure protects from the sun, rain, wind and chilly weather, while also allowing your customers to enjoy a meal outside all year round.

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Read below about how a Charlotte, N.C., restaurant owner increased his revenue by enclosing a portion of his restaurant’s outdoor seating area.



After the article, use the Trivantage ROI Calculator Tool for restaurant patios to see your restaurant’s potential for additional revenue, and watch a video to hear the Charlotte restaurant owner talk about the effect of the patio enclosure on his business.


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“The popularity of outdoor dining is continuing to grow all across the country as people enjoy spending time with friends and family in casual settings outside. Growing with this trend are restaurant patio enclosures, which allow restaurant owners to substantially increase the number of days that patios can be used’.

“A patio is not only a magnet for patrons but also a far less expensive way to add seating when compared to brick and mortar construction, ” said Steve Daegling, Awning Products Manager for Trivantage, the one-stop shop for shade, marine and upholstery fabricators.

“Patio enclosures also provide space for additional branding on the restaurant’s exterior.”

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‘Calculating return on investment (ROI) for an enclosed patio is simple: Multiply the average customer bill by the number of additional seats included in the newly enclosed area. Then multiply the result by the number of additional days that the patio can be used. This quick calculation shows the increased revenue from a patio enclosure’.

‘After John Love, Co-Owner of Red Rocks Café & Bakery in Charlotte, N.C., added an enclosure, his sales increased by 13 percent and the enclosure paid for itself within one year of installation’.

“We saw the opportunity to make a really nice façade, have outdoor dining and increase our business, ” Love said. “The customer reaction has been excellent, and when the weather is great outside it’s the first area that fills up in the restaurant. Also, our servers love being outdoors.”

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‘The enclosure at Red Rocks Cafe includes heating, ceiling fans and roll-down window panels, making it ideal for use year-round. In addition to protection from the elements, the enclosed space offers the restaurant increased flexibility for special events, such as buffets during holiday celebrations and other events hosted at the restaurant’.

“We set up the buffet out on the patio, so people can circulate through the line, and inside, the entire restaurant can be used for the event, ” Love said.

‘Love worked with an architect and a local awning fabricator,  Alpha Canvas,  to create an enclosure that would meet the specific needs of the location’.




‘Red Rocks Café & Bakery had an existing patio that was uncovered, but reliably seating customers outside proved difficult due to Southeastern weather’s penchant for unexpected summer rain.

The enclosure is covered in Sunbrella® fabric, selected for its durability and high-end appearance. It will not stain or fade, so it’s ideal for structures exposed to the harsh sun. The fabric covers a powder-coated aluminum frame that’s attached to the restaurant building.

The enclosure is designed for maximum flexibility. On cold, winter days, the sides can be rolled down, clear vinyl windows attached with VELCRO® and gas or electric heaters turned on. During mild days, the windows come off to allow fresh airflow and a view, but open mesh screens keep bugs at bay. On the warmest days, the walls are rolled up and ceiling fans turned on to create a cool, shady space with a view’.



‘With 24 percent more seats—half of which can be used year round—the decision to add the enclosure at Red Rocks was a ‘”no-brainer”‘.

“Patio enclosures are an easy and cost-effective way for restaurants to turn their outdoor seating into a year-round source of revenue, ” Daegling said. “It’s easy to connect with an awning company in your area to create an enclosed patio space that transforms outdoor seating into a four-season dining space.”

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