Anytime you select a contractor to do any type of work on your home or business, you likely automatically go online and ask around to research companies in your area. You compare them, possibly make pros and cons lists, compare rates, read reviews and get feedback from previous clients. Then you narrow it down to one or two and start making some calls. If you aren’t doing these things before you invest your hard earned money into a project, you should be! Selecting an awning contractor should be no different.


Keep in mind

A few other items to consider when hiring an awning contractor is to verify all the legal aspects. You want them to be reputable. You need them to be licensed and insured. Verify on their website or by a quick call to your local BBB (Better Business Bureau). You want to be sure you can communicate easily with them, either via phone or email at all times. If its impossible to get someone on the phone or to receive a callback, they might not be the right company for you.

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Verification process

Once an awning company has been selected and a deal has been verbally agreed on, be sure to verify all invoices, contracts and paperwork you receive and to read all the fine print carefully before you sign or pay for anything. Ask any questions you’re unsure of, even if it seems ridiculous. Verify schedule and installation procedures and make sure to be around during the install so you know how to care for and maintain your shade structure. The installers will likely go over some of those important details with you.



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Warranty information

Lastly, be sure to ask the awning company about warranties and read all that information carefully. There should be an installation and a manufacturing warranty. Be sure you’re informed of both and always keep all paperwork, in case an issue should arise at a later date.  As with any contractor, check references, go visit some of their work to take a closer look at it, if desired. You should fully feel like you can trust the company you’ve hired to work on your home or business.


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