CARAVITA USA, is an exclusive line of outdoor umbrellas and pavilions.  CARAVITA specializes in sun shades, cabanas, market umbrellas, cantilever shades, hospitality shades, giant umbrellas and company branded shades. Their hand-crafted concepts feature aluminum and stainless steel design for durability, while also including water-resistant fabrics, comfortable and easy handling mechanisms. All Caravita products come with a 5-year guarantee. Should there ever be a warranty issue, replacement parts are included.

‘Featuring completely customizable models, 7 outdoor shade designs, hundreds of solution dyed acrylic fabric selections and over 200 RAL powder finishes, provides endless possibilities. Designed and engineered to withstand long time commercial use by offering a 5 year warranty on fabric and frames. We prove it with our quality aluminum construction with stainless connections. Our German engineered and European manufactured opening and closing mechanisms are easy and convenient. Base and in ground applications make umbrellas versatile by being portable or permanent. –Caravita USA


Now celebrating 20 years in the industry, CARAVITA began designing shade concepts in 1993. Quickly taking off and becoming a worldwide operation of providing their innovative, high-quality shade designs.  Today, CARAVITA is one of the leading brands for premium shades and sun sails; their name has become synonymous with quality and design. The variety of creative design options stands out among designers and architects around the world. Caravita USA opened its doors to the US in 2009, with its’ US office located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

“Only with Caravita, you have the possibility to create your own custom shade. Combine fabrics, bindings and finishes – to fit your taste. The addition of wind roof and wind hoods can personalize your shades appearance”. -Caravita

Choose from their wide selection of over 100 different fabrics and custom patterns. Mix and match finishes and fabrics to create unique designs. Frames are available in silver anodized or powder coated in any desired RAL color.

The fabric will reflect over 90% of the suns UV rays and has a unique “Cleanguard” application that makes it completely water repellent and resistant to dirt and grease stains. It is also extremely resistant to color fading and will maintain its original bright color for several years.

Sampling of premium fabrics

Sampling of fire rated colors

Color options


While Caravita offers 7 uniquely innovative shade designs, this features one of their largest models – the Big Ben 2.

Commercial patio umbrella Big Ben was created especially for the hospitality business. Quick and easy operation, versatile options and accessories, as well as its’ durable design make it a top choice in the hospitality industry. Offering spacious coverage for various table settings and seating plans, the Big Ben commercial patio umbrella is the perfect resort or restaurant shade solution. Big Ben should become a go-to fixture in any hospitality setting.







Caravita’s Big Ben umbrellas offers cool shade over a wide area. An excellent choice when entertaining a large number of guests, the Big Ben comes with a open diameter span up to six meters! Perfect if you’re wanting to create a backyard vibe similar to those seen on upscale restaurant patios, this umbrella is highly recommended and designed for the hospitality industry.










Using Big Ben 2 couldn’t be easier. With a crank handle made of high-grade stainless steel, the Big Ben patio umbrella is easily opened and closed. A crank operated lift system with aluminum lifting spindle works inside of the umbrellas’ frame. Watch demo here.







Tables, chairs and patio decor can stay where they are while you open or close the Big Ben umbrella. No need to move guests around while opening or closing the umbrella, because the it’s designed to be very minimally invasive (see diagram below). That’s mainly because of the integrated telescopic design system which elongates the mast when you close the parasol. Big Ben is a must-have for hotels and restaurants; and even a great option to have in private gardens, patios or pool areas.


Caravita’s sharp eye for smart, unique design innovation means that the Big Ben has thought of everything and yet even features integrated lighting. An optional feature, Big Ben’s lighting wiring is completely hidden inside of the shade struts. It provides a bright light so that dining or festivities can last all night long. Caravita can set the mood with these unique integrated LED-strutlight Elegance for Big Ben 2! Designed to be elegant and unobtrusive, the modern LED-strips provide just the perfect amount of light. The wiring is protected and hidden from sight inside of the sunshades’ frame. The LED-Strips are installed permanently and don’t even have to be removed when closing Big Ben 2. The lights can be managed with the central switch on the umbrellas’ mast or with a remote control. The remote control also allows the user to dim the light for even more ambience.




If the temperature drops and gets a little chilly, Big Ben also features attachable infrared radiators to crank out some heat so that guests can stay warm while outdoors.

Caravita offers these infrared heaters for all those chilly days and nights. These small heaters flank the 4 corners nicely and are as minimally invasive as the lighting. Switches to control the heaters are located on the top of the umbrella mast.  They have literally thought of everything when they designed Big Ben!



‘The stainless steel flange with its’ integrated alignment guide, developed by CARAVITA, is one of the special features of the Big Ben commercial patio umbrella. It utilizes the installation of large parasols and the umbrella with an elegant look. The impressive 3 3/10” mast is made out of 5 mm thick aluminum, with lower reinforcement. Big Ben easily becomes one of the sturdiest shades of its class’. -Caravita


By far, the most impressive and unique feature is Caravita’s smart design makes the Big Ben umbrella extremely durable! In order to prove that, Big Ben was tested by structural engineers in a wind tunnel, where the 9’11×9’11-version stood up to stormy winds of up to 63mph!

Watch here to see the wind tunnel field test and judge for yourself how Big Ben can stand out  on top among all it’s competitors.



Alpha Canvas is proud to be a distributor for Caravita! If you’re interested in one of these smart, innovative, stylish shade structures for your business or home, please contact us at (704) 333-1581 or visit the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website.


Note: All info, dimensions, statistics, links, images & diagrams above from the Caravita website. Visit them for more info & design ideas!  




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