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Awnings can be an excellent marketing for your business. Awnings not only extend your space, but make it more visually appealing while also fully displaying your personality and logo.

In fact, awnings give your business more than just shade; they can give it some serious eye-catching décor and an easy way to advertise your business from the outside. That being said, if you print graphics on your awning there are a few things to think about.

FABRIC:  This matters in the way your logo/graphics look. The most common fabric is canvas or the Sunbrella brand of fabric, which is top quality, durable fabric . It’s weather and fade resistant , specifically designed for the outdoors. Sunbrella is the perfect choice because of its’ durability, style, numerous color and pattern options. This allows your awning to stand live on the outside. Awnings draw attention to your business with bright colors and graphics.

Notice the difference with this before and after awning picture of a local business. It will make you think twice about not adding an awning to your business:

6-6-2014 Little Spoon Before a-1

6-6-2014 Little Spoon a-5



Name, logo, business address or phone number are typically items printed on awnings. Some are just a logo on a bright awning.


Choose your design wisely. Consider your competing market. If your company is in a crowded business district, take into consideration the area, style of neighborhood, types of other businesses and their signs. Make sure your logo pops, is eye-catching, reflects your style and brand. People will remember the brightly colored yellow or green sign. You want it to be visible, but not obnoxious. You want it to stand out and be noticeable. Otherwise, what’s the point?

11-9-2015 Ballantyne Village a-3

Use quality, durable fabric, choose your design carefully and be sure you select the right printing technique. Discuss all of the above with your awning designer.

HPIM2142 ruby tuesday







For more information about branded commercial awnings and other shade structures, visit us at or feel free to call us at (704) 333-1581 OR (800) 583-9179. We’d love to discuss your options and ideas to design the perfect branded awning for your business.


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